My Spiritual Journey & Connection with Archangel Michael

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My Personal Journey along a SPIRITUAL pathway. As we know, SPIRITUALITY has many facets….which all harness and carry the same “vibration” only with their various methodologies and tools of divination and sciences, that enable us to retrieve knowledge and communicate with or through. Helping us personally along our pathway in search of those questions we…

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Numerology the Gift of Your Soul’s Life Blueprint

Numerology, the Gift Your Soul’s Life Blueprint Have you ever wondered to ask yourself the question….”why am I here?” Or, “for what purpose am I here”? To think that, “perhaps there is so much more to life…but not sure what or why especially when we see the challenges going on around us”? What if I…

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Your Soul’s “Life” Purpose

Knowing Who You Are is So Very Important What if the Projected Image of the Thought Processing is Not Coming from Your Soul’s Truth? What if How You Are Viewing Things to Be Is Creating Setbacks or Detours or Unhappiness or Lead You to a Disappointing Outcome? What if the Way in Which You Are…

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November a Month to Observe

NOVEMBER is a month to always pay close attention to. This is because it carries a highly charged energy…almost likened to a rip-tide within the ocean’s currents but yet is unseen or not aware of, until its influences are either our personal experience…or through what we all observe or hear about, from within our own…

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Numerology Link That Reveals Compatibility Within Relationships

Happy Couple

  So why is it that for some us we shall feel an instant connection to get along famously well upon first meeting? Have you ever observed your inner responses or feelings when first meeting another? Or even as you go about your daily living and interaction with family members and work colleagues. For without…

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How Numerology Supports Everyday Life

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Have You Noticed How Some Days Just Seem to Flow With Ease… And Other Days, Appear Challenging, with All That We Are Associated With… Some Days Can Reflect Sudden or Unexpected Events or News…   Consider the flow of your today’s vibrational tide and signposts pointing the way forward There is a scientific mathematical explanation…

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Going with the flow


Our individual lives, through the ‘Gift of Numerology’, reveals our life’s flow. Our very own life carries within its self, a defined purpose that correlates with us, from within our Present Day. Should one be feeling challenged or there are perhaps difficulties in that one feels as though one is ‘battling life’. The Date of…

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Dear Readers, Did you know that Numerology, as a tool of support and knowledge, can help you see more clearly within the layers of your personal relationships? Having this knowledge helps you to clear away any issues of conflict or personal concerns that are perhaps creating tension or difficulties. Receive a RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY reading to…

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Numerology Name Versus Date of Birth

Numerology as with all things in life is constantly evolving bringing us advanced knowledge and insights to assist our enlightenment and progression. When one generally thinks about the concept of Numerology, one immediately mentions that one is born to a certain number. And that this number relates directly to the individual according to one’s date…

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