Happy Couple

Numerology Link That Reveals Compatibility Within Relationships


So why is it that for some us we shall feel an instant connection to get along famously well upon first meeting?

Have you ever observed your inner responses or feelings when first meeting another?

Or even as you go about your daily living and interaction with family members and work colleagues.

For without the spoken word our bodies are speaking to us all the time…..letting us know how we are feeling as we pick up on all that surrounds us. Our internal feelings is our natural born barometer that speaks to us and lets us also know our level of compatibility even when we first meet someone for the very first time.

When we feel an instant connection our feelings shall be obvious! Observe how we relate with ease as our inner feelings give off a vibe that is peaceful and harmonious and of how we mirror this outwardly, through our level of compatibility in harmonious and positive communications.

Even without the spoken word, one cannot deny the undeniable ‘feelings of a sense of connection’ or ‘chemistry’ of a common bond of interest and level of  ‘attraction’ or perhaps even that special spark that takes place! Now, whilst there can be some practical reasons for why this is so….there is also another tool as a method through which we can see why this is so. Numerology, through our Birth Names can shed a light of understanding because there shall be a common denominator…a shared link as a compatibility trait that each shall be born with and shall be the reason for understanding this certain sense of ‘ease and familiarity’.

You have perhaps heard the saying; ‘like attracts like’……..well that applies here.

As we look closely within the layers of our Birth Names and we place our charts alongside each others….we can then gain a deeper insights for clarity of understanding, our differences in temperament and disposition, as to our level of compatibility. And keep in mind there is more often than not…..the opposite can hold true….in that ‘opposites attract’ as well!

Numerology offers us not only wonderful understanding of our very special individuality, but also helps us in our personal relationships, through a Personality Profile or Compatibility Profile; thus supporting us as to the what for and the whys…given our experiences and level of harmonious interaction and relationship compatibility.

Deep within the layers, between one another, (and our Names) there shall be a natural cause for selection in friendships.

It is only when or should the degrees of differences be too great a distance, that the feelings and experiences shall reflect a struggle or discord as any real sense of connection shall not be strongly felt. Therefore, if ever one should seek understanding, perhaps a Numerological Analysis may benefit and help to provide the clarity and understanding that one may be seeking….or may even assist in turning things around, simply from this knowledge and to the development of a genuine respect for the differences within one’s natural and truest expression. After all when rightfully channelled these very same energies and qualities are our soul’s contribution to this life are they not?

Food for thought…..perhaps?