Going with the flow

Karen Workshop PicOur individual lives, through the ‘Gift of Numerology’, reveals our life’s flow. Our very own life carries within its self, a defined purpose that correlates with us, from within our Present Day. Should one be feeling challenged or there are perhaps difficulties in that one feels as though one is ‘battling life’. The Date of Birth, is very significant for it offers us insight from between the layers of our immediate time frame and from birth, and for the duration of our entire life, this lifetime pathway or cycle.

This knowledge as to its interwoven message that flows from within our everyday life seeks only to support us. To assist our personal growth, advancements and happiness in the pursuit of our creating a pathway, that is more in harmony with our soul’s truth.

So if one is experiencing struggle in an aspect of the life, or as one looks back over one’s past this ‘all – important message, as to it’s specific learning, is only to assist one in ‘going with the flow’ and perhaps it may only be, that by turning around and facing the opposite direction…..that one can achieve a flow of ease and move towards the attainment and the accomplishment of one’s personal goals. So that one is guided towards the greater personal happiness in support of all that one is truly capable of aspiring to, in light and love