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How Numerology Supports Everyday Life

Have You Noticed How Some Days Just Seem to Flow With Ease…

And Other Days, Appear Challenging, with All That We Are Associated With…

Some Days Can Reflect Sudden or Unexpected Events or News…


Consider the flow of your today’s vibrational tide and signposts pointing the way forward

There is a scientific mathematical explanation for this and by which can be understood, through analysis of the Day itself, through looking to Numerology for this knowledge and insight. As you greet the dawning of the gift of each new day, do you also move within its vibrational flow.

A flow that carries a defined sense of purpose seeking only to assist guide one as one travels within the constantly changing environment.

Environment meaning; others, external influences, situations and events as to our surroundings as we journey within the course of our everyday life.

As to the probabilities and possibilities, given the knowledge and understanding of the day’s specific vibrational message of support and guidance, that seeks only to assist us in the hope that we may achieve a harmonious outcome.

In light and love, Karen