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Welcome to Karen Riley Numerology Brisbane Qld Australia 

If you have found your way to this website, then it is most likely you are soul-searching or you have an affinity with Numerology yourself and are seeking answers to those questions stirring within the heart of your own soul…..

Very often life throws us the unexpected and we are confronting changing circumstances which can be unsettling at the best of times….however when change comes upon us due to events outside of us, we often seek the higher understanding of the, “what for and the why” as to certain events…and also we question; “what can we learn from this and what will truly benefit us through this experience as we journey within its transitional pathway”?

We seek higher truths and or, we are ready to seek out those deeper questions we may have often thought about…but were not quite ready to receive and so we may now be ready to embrace our own spiritual sense of self and receive those answers our soul is giving rise to…in the present day life. For anyone who has not met me for a personal reading, Numerology is what enables me to communicate through, from within the layers of our very own Soul’s Life Blueprint’ Chart.

There are a couple of charts that have to be worked out and calculated mathematically, for I do not work with the mathematics I once performed. It is this knowledge and advancements that aids me, in providing a very personalised, in depth reading. Coupled with my spirituality abilities and gifts when I am sitting with your chart’s knowledge.

As the years progressed along with my continuous research in Numerology even whilst reading for clients throughout these past 20 years…Numerology is not a subject matter that I could just simply sit with without further study and mediation on. Only because the more I studied and read for clients, the more I grew to see and understand, so much more from within the layers. This was ultimately preparing me, for what one day will be, my first book benefiting all Numerologists and keen students, in receiving the Advanced Knowledge of Numerology.

I had hoped my book would have been written a few years ago….but then I hit a brick wall with the passing of my Mother and experiencing a crisis in that I needed time for healing and tranquility for my own sense of peace and well-being. Fast forward to this present day (April 2017), and I am so very excited to say my writing passion has returned….and once again I am back at the drawing board, writing this book I have so longed to share with all of whom are like-minded.

I have become aware that these important break-throughs & advancements are for the sharing of, with one and all benefiting all our progression and developments…of our own spiritual journey and pathway of advancements; of our emotional & spiritual journey in our personal search for enlightenment…and for helping us as we return once again…to the remembrance of…who we truly are and for the life our soul had intended to achieve.

My Professional Background and Experience:

Column writer on Numerology for a Universal Online Publication – the  “White Light” Magazine.


  • Karen is Available for Readings; Weekdays 10am – 3pm
  • Evenings / Weekends by Appointment
  • Option of Reading by Phone – Skype – In Person @ Sandgate Brisbane
  • Provides Courses for Learning One’s Own Birth Chart Knowledge that Empowers
  • In Person Short Term Progressive Monthly Courses or On-Line Australia Wide
  • Author, Creator of “Heart & Soul” Oracle Numerology Deck of Reading Cards
  • Personality Profiling * Immediate Time Frame * Your Soul’s Sacred Self & Your Gifts
  • Current Situation & Environmental Influences, Relevant to All we Are Associated with
  • Past Growth for Understanding Higher Message
  • Readings are Supported by Karen’s Guides, Archangel Micheal & Angelic Realm
  • The Divinity of Higher Universal Energy Source * God-Source Higher Energy Source
  • Profound Loving Wisdom & Divine Supportive Guidance & Insights of a Higher Message
  • Soul’s Life Purpose Readings * Confirmation of that which Resonates Deeply Within
  • Specialised LIFE READINGS; vibrations of one’s life, this life; past – present – ahead
  • Relationship Readings * Family & Couples * Business Partners
  • Brisbane Radio * Expos * Workshops * Platform Readings * Public Seminars
  • Brisbane Relaxation Centre * Womenspace at Kedron * Single Parents Association
  • Brisbane Borders Bookstore Public Speaking on Numerology & Renowned Authors 

Live Readings 2

Image: Karen Live Platform Readings Online

From Karen….”how often have we wished…..if only life came with a map….”?

“Well, it does!”

  • Essentially speaking, for those who do not understand or have knowledge on Numerology here is my best way of expressing how the gift of your very own Birth Chart supports & empowers you today;
  • It reveals the river of your life with its changing tides or seasonal cycles preparing the way forward and how best to avoid setbacks, disappointing outcomes, or delays from the pathway your soul had intended to follow, in the following of your personal goals, happiness and success…as to all that you are born with and inherently capable of achieving, attaining or accomplishing.
  • It reveals your present day life and immediate time frame as yearly cycles that flow from every Birthday celebration, to the next along a forward moving natural progressive pathway pointing your way forward and for the flow of ease and positive outcome…rather than to experience limitations or struggles or sadness.

Numerology is so much more than simply about a meaning of a number for it carries an important weight, as our gift of knowledge that empowers, guides and supports us and our life.

It picks up on the vibrations of our life and helps us see clearly from between the layers, of all that we are personally associated with on a day to day basis…and or month by month, or year by year….

This is the mathematics of all that surrounds you, revealing a defining purpose and higher guidance of loving supportive signposts, by which you are within from the moment of your birth and today, pointing the pathway forward in the hope you will pick up on this vibration and your messages in the daily life….

Your Birth Name reveals the knowledge, of who you truly are (without doubt or feeling lesser than or struggles in your search for your sense of purpose and individuality). This information is the BLUEPRINT that is contained within the layers of your Birth Name, but yet so easily accessible to one and available…should one be searching for understanding and enlightenment, of who one really is.

Your Birth Date reveals your soul’s life map or LIFE BLUEPRINT charting your pathway forward and for seeing a broader view of all that surrounds you and by which you are associated with, of the present day.

  • We sometines forget, who we really are
    We sometimes forget, that who we truly are is 1:1 with the Universal Higher Energy Source
  • We sometimes forget, why we chose to be here
  • We sometimes forget, that which seeks only for our truth, happiness & flow of ease
  • Imagine, therefore having a life map that is your, life map…

Pointing the pathway forward with ease and for the greatly desired happiness that your soul truly seeks and rightly so as one’s divine birth right. For giving you a BLUEPRINT and holding up an image for helping you to view yourself, in your TRUEST LIGHT without fear, without a projected image of a perception that is not bathed in truth….but rather an illusionary veil of thought processing that is not of love…not of your soul’s beautiful truth, of your truest self.

  • Imagine…seeing who you were destined to become for the evolving of, this life
  • Imagine…seeing the road ahead of your soul’s beautiful life pathway, this life

“I present your Soul’s Life Blueprint, empowering you & your life today”


Karen Professional Photo

Karen Riley Numerologist : Light-Worker
Divinely Gifted Reader & Teacher

Karen empowers and enlightens her clients as she offers both a practical down to earth approach, combined with a profound spiritual wisdom and insights that filter through as she attunes to her higher self with support by the Divinity and Angelic realm.

“With love are we then able to obtain our soul’s true life purpose, in light and love, Karen”


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