November a Month to Observe

NOVEMBER is a month to always pay close attention to.

This is because it carries a highly charged energy…almost likened to a rip-tide within the ocean’s currents but yet is unseen or not aware of, until its influences are either our personal experience…or through what we all observe or hear about, from within our own environmental influences, or our worldly global environment.

For example; if the there has been strain in the personal relationships, matters can now come to a head, resulting in further tension, arguements, discordant environmental situations…and even result in separations or perhaps…the loss of a career through no fault of one’s own…but brought about through those ‘conditions of circumstances’…outside or externally to one’s self.

November can reflect challenges or something so amazingly exciting of a wonderful opportunity, showing great promise for a brighter future. Or it can bring unexpected challenges…or to show unexpected emotional sensitivities, from others we know who may be experiencing a crises and in need of support.

It is a Month of fluctuating extremes; one day either yourself is feeling on top of the world, full of optimism and joyous…then again the next day, you can be tested by something or someone close to you, showing cause for emotional strength and balance, as to what best supports communications in dealing with the situation at hand.

Some days within this Month, one shall be tested in being called upon to tread carefully and apply a wise cautionary approach to all that surrounds one….because not all is clearly visible as to what is already unfolding right in front of us, through environmental circumstances.

The 7th Day, the 9th Day, and of course…the 11th Day of the 11th Month…all significant days to be consciously and environmentally aware of. These are days to observe as this Month, is a Month to observe and all because of the over-riding 2016 (9’s main influences), working in conjunction together as transits all of their own accord.

Dealing with one’s own emotions as well as others around us…as the higher guidance of the 11,2 seeks to be called upon us, and help guide us…to unite together through receiving or providing additional support to our loved ones, in need or through compassion and understanding…in showing loving support….yet this is not always recognised or shown…not always shown….and is unfortunately a life learning for some…in demonstrating ‘love’.

Calling upon that which is considered a fairness in terms of equality and balance, in the giving of love and sharing together, through love and peaceful co-existance in living, thought and being…and so there can be those events, so very upsetting or unsettling to our own emotional wellbeing…to perhaps experience unexpected news or have to deal with a crises of sorts.

Relationships in all walks of life can be tested this Month…calling upon our ability to negotiate and bring harmony or resolutions to a situation…to help another in some way…to help talk through sensitive issues of handle conflict, with patience and depth of understanding, to provide support or assistance and solace….to defend one’s own rights and protect one’s basic corse needs or the well-being..even if this means to walk away, to retreat, take a sabbatical…or to say very little until the plans are made and changes set in motion leading one to the positive outcome…. perhaps to retreat and walk away from a highly sensitive or toxic situation, to protect the vulnerabilities of the emotional sensitivities…and or one’s wellbeing.

If we were to consider for a moment, the strong pull of the full moon upon our own emotions then the time frame or phase of the Master Number (11),2 such as it is, with the Calendar Month of November, would be very similar. There are factors here that are unknown, not seen, and so a catalyst coming as a surprise can occur. Now this can be in a way that shall catapult one out into the larger world through receiving an outstanding offer, as a golden opportunity! From the recognition of all past efforts, contribution, talents and abilities of the individuality and potentials, resulting in elevating one to a higher position of empowerment or authority, in one’s chosen field….or it can bring about the exact opposite. A sudden, unexpected downfall in some way…or a breaking up in association, partnerships, or what was once a positive alliance…now no longer is the case and so the challenges clearly becoming visible to one. Resolutions, resolving unsettling disputes, or seeking professional legal, expert guidance in a way that can provide the support, clarity and for moving forward in handling the changing tide of circumstances or personal situation.

As a Numerologist I have studied these patterns now for many years, documenting my research and I can honestly say, that whenever we find a ‘doubling up of same’ shall there be the challenge, or whenever there is found, two number vibrations of similarity, can there be a challenge unfolding within any given 24 hour day.

Such as what we shall observe with particular number vibrations that carry a different weight, like the Master Numbers or any primary Number, where you cannot divide equally into the number itself. November, is a Master Number Month all of its very own accord, which is one factor of importance; the second reason for observation of its vibrational tide of external influences, is due to this year of the 9’s major influence. Together, whenever we come across a Master Number cycle working within the 9, or visa versa, is good reason for additional caution.

Such as what the world witnessed with 9/11.

With respect to the above, I seek only to help shine a light on this mathematical science as to is profound wisdom as external worldly guidance because for the most part, we tend towards a focus only on our Birth Charts knowledge, missing so much of what is transpiring already in front of us, externally to us and by which we are all a part of…as we each travel within the world surrounding us.

You can put this knowledge to the test, by carrying out your own analysis of past dates of significance; either persoanlly or through google search engine, of those dates that have touched our own heart and soul in some way, to tear at our heart-strings of the challenges faced by so many of us within society as a whole.

I would recommend paying close attention to the unsettling vibration of any Master Number period of a time frame to assist you in your personal understanding. This can be either a 24 hour day Number vibration, Month or Year….including what your own soul’s Birth Chart time frame has revealed, of past, present or approaching one ahead.

It is when this KNOWLEDGE is within one’s awareness can we at least have a GUIDELINE of support in being alert to our surroundings, within any given day’s unfolding as we each journey the course of our day to day living.

There is both our Birth Charts signposts pointing our way forward…and there are those external conditions of a constantly evolving ENVIRONMENT for we are not alone as we each travel within our 24 hour day…life journey.

I would recommend observing the approaching date; the 11th of November within this year of 2016; 11 + 11 = 22 + 9 Year = (31),4 Day Vibration. Generally speaking, the 31,4 of its own and in its positive, can be so wonderful in terms of celebrations or receiving good news.

Alternatively, because of the doubling of the 11’s within this 24 Hour Phase, is why I am highlighting the need to pay close observation. To exercise wisdom in one’s own environmental surroundings in the hope of being prepared and to apply an element of caution through wise choices, decisions and or reactions. To weigh and anlayse carefully all things and decide the best course of action, for the best possible outcome. This is a date to observe; there can be important celebrations or both the minor, or major sudden disruptions to the flow of the life.

Observe closely events, situations and events already unfolding, leading up to this day.

To become consciously aware of all that is already unfolding of the patterns of behaviours…of other’s sensitivities, and circumstances of one’s environmental influences surrounding one….to be wise in environmental choices leading up to this particular day….in the hope of being guided to a harmonious outcome.

The Universal Higher Energy Source, of the Divinity is of the all-knowing and the all-seeing….and hears our requests for support….therefore please remain alert to patterns and messages as opportunity, for perhaps what appears as a sudden unexpected event, is only to help awaken within one, what is of truth as to the soul’s truest sense of direction and for the safe and positive outcome.

November 11 of 2016, carries within its 24 hour day – cycle; two Master Number 11’s which equates to the (22)4 = denoting a 24 hour phase to pay close attention to and approach with caution especially prior to…and during this day’s unfolding.

As for 2016; It can be a year in which to embrace positive changes to support your new direction and or sense of positive RENEWAL.

Offer your loving compassion and care-giving in ways that provide the balance, the support and for the flow of ease without limiting one’s own personal sense of empowerment or well-being.  Sift through that which no longer servers the future direction and with courage, faith in the acknowledgement of your beautiful higher self create your renewed direction. Should past experiences of events of circumstances have brought about the unexpected detours, setbacks or disappointing news or events….please try to see the hidden blessing in that this is the gift of your new direction for your new attainment and growth, aiding and benefiting your future pathway ahead….with wonderful blessings and promise that is perhaps not seen right now.

Seek only for the positive and loving support in all areas of the life that RESONATES more in harmony with your soul’s truth, for your happiness and those dreams and desires, which seek your truest expression or for the manifestation of. This is the time frame of an important awakening for many of us and so changes shall be felt within the heart of the soul, especially when you know and feel things are not quite right. We can experience sadness in grief and loss of a loved one, or to farewell our older lifestyle or environment in some way that has deeper impact upon us emotionally. In this instance, please do not feel you have to carry this wieght upon your own shoulders, rather seek the comfort and solace with others of whom you know and trust, as valuable genuine loving friendships of support. Perhaps seek our professional support, for not always can our loved ones support us in certain situations and so wise professional expertise guidance can now prove very beneficial and aid the healing and peace of mind, so greatly called upon.

Seek for peaceful understandings through acceptance of what one cannot change, and allow time for the healing and or the letting go to unfold in a natural way without force, or undue pressure and seek holy communion from within between yourself, nature and the Divinity which surrounds us all.

In light and love, Karen