Numerology Name Versus Date of Birth

Numerology as with all things in life is constantly evolving bringing us advanced knowledge and insights to assist our enlightenment and progression.

When one generally thinks about the concept of Numerology, one immediately mentions that one is born to a certain number. And that this number relates directly to the individual according to one’s date of birth.

But what does this really mean?

How does a number have any real sense or meaning upon an individual let alone one’s life?

It is not until one takes up the study of Numerology, that one can begin to gain some insight from glimpsing into its mystical world for decoding one’s Name or Date of Birth.

And to finally learn or understand, that all carries energy and vibration, including us.

Including each and every word spoken or written as does one’s own thoughts.

For a thought form is very real.

In fact all that we see surrounding us holds energy and vibration.

All is energy or vibration.

A Number in this respect also carries it’s own distinct weight or vibration, just as equally does all whether we are speaking about a musical note or looking into the patterns of our D.N.A code.

For there is a divine pattern of a divine sense of order surrounding us and within us.

One’s Date of Birth is just that….a date and gives to us a reference point of a beginning point by which all unfolds from.

One’s Name is so much more than just a number….for it reveals insight into the divine code or pattern of energies that makes up our entire individuality, no different to our D.N.A code that is in built or inherently within us all.

Having knowledge of the specific energy (number in question), as to its distinct manner of expression or method of response and characteristics is how one can then gain a deeper understanding of one’s individuality or nature.

When we really think about this….is not one’s soul entity known by Name?

Or are we deemed to be known as a Number by our date of birth, rather than what we can learn from within our Name?

Hmmmm…… for thought?

written by Karen Riley Numerologist

Brisbane Australia

11 June 2013