Numerology the Gift of Your Soul’s Life Blueprint

Numerology, the Gift Your Soul’s Life Blueprint

Have you ever wondered to ask yourself the question….”why am I here?”

Or, “for what purpose am I here”?

To think that, “perhaps there is so much more to life…but not sure what or why especially when we see the challenges going on around us”?

What if I were to offer you; that it is in the knowingness that your soul and mine chose to be here – in that this life was planned long before our return. That we all co-agreed as to whom we would be born to and the role we would play….in terms of that which would support both our emotional and spiritual pathway of enlightenment.

Of an important learning and growth benefiting our soul’s evolutionary development and progression.

If you look back in hindsight, and consider that you in your innocence, of your innate essence and gift of your soul’s higher self chose to incarnate by way of supporting your soul’s defining purpose, for the offering of your loving self and wonderful gifts and for the sharing of, so that your soul could offer your contribution through positive, constructive service, benefiting not only one’s own joy in the truest expression of…but also aiding in the healing of the planet…of the contribution in the raising of the consciousness that surrounds the planet.

If we struggle throughout out life….to feel that life is a constant battle, it would be because we would not have the understanding, of who we really are.

What if, it were time to return to one’s truest self?

For the way in which we may be viewing our self, could be to offer a projected mental image……that is lesser than who we really are? Or, with may endure life to arrive at a future point, only to look back and be filled with regret, sadness or disappointment? Of a life lived….but yet not fully lived.

What if we are the ones who are holding ourselves back in our own life?
What if we are the ones who are not seeing ourselves in our truest light?
What if we are the ones who are inhibiting our life through self-doubt or feelings of an insecurity….perhaps even a denial of our soul’s truth?

We could be suppressing our soul’s truth?

When in doubt… can always ask your soul to guide you to your truth, for your soul knows how you really feel, within.
All that you seek is within.
All your answers are within.

Alternatively, there are many available resources externally available to one’s self such as your very own GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE, that empowers and shines a light on your LIFE BLUEPRINT for the greater clarity and understanding.

It is not something new…or just popped up for its WISDOM has been since the dawing of time as a gentle reminder that MANKIND has a destiny.

But, perhaps have FORGOTTEN one’s destined purpose for why one, chose to be here.

For a higher knowledge, wisdom and messages of enlightenment, I offer the wonderful science and tool of NUMEROLOGY  for aiding in the REMEMBRANCE of who one truly is and for the life, one was born to achieve.

In light and love, Karen.