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The Duration of the Reading Supports a Profound Depth with Additional Insights.

Covers Important Past, Personal Events of Experiences & Environmental Influences of Circumstances * Revealing Significant Personal & Spiritual Growth * Self-Empowering Insights * Understanding Past, the Present & Ahead *

May Include Relationships, Career Guidance * Personal & Spiritual Developmental Growth * the Life Direction * Time Enabling the Personal Questions, Including the Deeper, Soul – Personal Questions as Karen Filters Through Extended Information or Insights that Truly Enlighten and for Some, this Could Support Moving Forward or a Healing.

Or You May Simply Seek Confirmation or Clarity of the Immediate Time Frame….. or Sense of Direction.

*Special Reading Gift Offers  

  • 30 Min Reading * $60
  • 60 Min In-Depth * $99 * February Offer $80
  • 90 Min Soul-Life Reading * Profound, In-depth & Spiritually Enlightening, (Valued at $180) * February Gift Offer, $150

    The Soul – Life Reading, has been very well received by clients from all around Australia both on-line via Skype and In Person, with wonderful positive feedback.

    To help support booking your reading, please click the “Book Now” link & follow the prompts * paypal available or direct deposit *Karen looks forward to assisting your reading needs as she presents to us….

    The Gift of Our Soul’s Life Blueprint – Guidance Chart Map

    Karen Takes Numerology to a Whole New Level Not Quite Seen Before Communicating Astonishing Depth with Divinely Guided Assistance on Our Behalf.

    Spiritual Self Part of the Universal Consciousness
    View Between the Layers of Your Life for Clarity of a Defining Pathway & Soul Purpose, this Lifetime Incarnation and Opportunity

    Return Once Again, to Remembering Who You Truly Are
    View through the Layers to See Your Beautiful Soul’s Innate Born Qualities & Gifts
    See So Much More from Within, as Perhaps There is So Much More, to Who You Truly Are….and Understand Why You Feel the Way You Do, as to Your Very Special and Unique Individuality.

    Receive Personal Growth Related Insights, Benefiting Advancements & Wellbeing

    See So Much More Clearly of ALL that Surrounds and Supports You within the Layers

    Gain Clarity of Your Potentials & Abilities in Creating with Universal Support the Life Your Soul had Intended…Manifest into Your Reality – Into Your Life the Personal Goals You Truly Seek and Desire, Resonating Deeply within…but perhaps waiting for the following of….?

    Karen also offers higher messages in relation to family – birth environment & past personal events of circumstances as to any age one may consider.

    Explore with Karen, Your Beautiful Soul’s Abilities & Defining Life Purpose Encoded Within All those Layers, that the Life Has Produced. 
    Clear Away the Self-Doubt or Uncertainities…Because Perhaps the Current Projection, is Not Arising from “Love of Self” or Your Soul’s Truth….?

    Understanding Who You Truly Are, is to Clear a Pathway Within, to Love, Peace and Your True Reason for Being Here…Co-create with Universal Guidance Your Brighter Future & Pathway Ahead, in light and love Karen.

    To Support Your Personal Reading, Please be advised;

    Karen requires your true birth name and birth date as per the birth certificate and current name change, today….for calculating manually all the various components of the Birth Natal Charts Progressive Yearly Cycles & Immediate Time Frame, including the Soul’s Name chosen to be born unto, for this lifetime higher purpose and evolutionary growth.

    Should you desire insights relevent to any age in looking back in hindsight, please allow Karen to provide the higher messages of loving support and perhaps for commencing the healing pathway of enlightenment.

    * Disclaimer; please be advised that Karen readings are purely Numerological based content, combined with her spirituality gifts, as she filters through insights at the time of our reading, and are not intended to replace or subsitute professional expert medical, financial or counselling services.

    Karen is divinely assisted in her work in this area as she attunes from within – with assistance of the Angelic Realm, Spiritual Guides and the Holy Spirit. Her third vision opens up as she connects within and to us, through the chart’s knowledge, enabling Karen to retrieve and bring forth the wonderful messages and insights. Karen is well known in her spiritual work, as a gifted clairvoyant Numerologist Reader, Teacher & Light-Worker and Speaker on this subject. Currently writes a coloumn on Numerology, with the renowned “White Light Magazine”; a spiritual publication.

    Public Live Platform Soul Life Reading Event
    March 4th * REDCLIFFE
    Guest Speaker
    Lucky Door Prizes
    Afternoon Tea
    Please refer to “Divine Spirit Event” Page for Details

    Karen’s work is not computerised generated nor is it generic in its interpretation. With her heart-centred holistic approach, we can expect to receive divinely assisted insights that inspire as she connects with us on a deeply spiritual, soul level.

    Exciting News! Coming Soon…
    The Launch of the Beginners “On-Line” Numerology Courses Australia Wide
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Testimonial by Anna

Hi Karen, I just want to express my sincere gratitude for taking the time do my reading in mid-August, it has truly added more purpose to my actions. I was amazed at how accurate your reading was, it definitely assisted in clarifying what I thought to be true about myself and how to redirect my focus into areas I never thought possible.

I don’t really know how to explain it other than it makes sense to have sought your guidance at a time where I thought I may have been at a dead end.

Since my reading, a whole world of possibilities have opened up for me and I feel that I no longer need to question whether I have reached the end of the road. Throughout the whole reading, I could feel my soul saying ‘Yes!’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Yes!’ as you read out the traits for my soul self, (your description of my soul self really resonated with me) and left me with no doubt as to the path I have undertaken.

Again, thank you for your time and insight, it has been an incredible introduction to what the future holds for me.

You have an amazing gift.
Regards, Anna











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