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Grow Into Your Soul's Beautiful Potential Self
Live the Life, Your Soul Was Born to Achieve & Lead Yourself to the Greatly Desired Happiness, Success or Attainment of Your Goals

" With love, one grows, with joy one transforms...into the creating of one's beautiful soul's truest, potential self. Positivity & understanding of who you truly are, does the pathway then become clearer "

We All Need Support at Various Times of Our Life

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30 Mins; immediate situation & year ahead
60 Mins; in depth reading & for asking questions
90 Mins; life guidance, growth - career, relations, past - present - clarity ahead, very profound and highly individualised

Soul-Life reading;
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Divinely Assisted Personal Readings; Karen's Third Vision & Spirituality Gifts, Coupled with Her Depth of Wisdom and Knowledge Are What Sets Her Apart, as A Gifted Reader and Teacher, in this Specialised Field. Communicating Profound Insights that Inspire and Enlighten.

Karen is Divinely Assisted with Support of the Archangels, Her Spiritual Guides & Pythagoras in Numerology and Her Desire for Sharing this Wisdom with Those Who Resonate and Seek Her Out, for a Personal Reading.

With 20 Years Experience as a Reader Australia Wide and Internationally, We Can Expect to Receive those Higher Messages Combined with Her Holistic Approach and Depth of Understanding.

Karen Supports us in Removing the Veil of doubt or Confusion, Aiding Us with Clarity and Enlightenment, All at the Same Time.

Readings can be booked via Paypal or Direct Deposit.
Available via Skype - Phone or In-person at Redcliffe or Sandgate in Brisbane Australia.  Due to Special Offers & Public Promo Events, the Reading Fees Are Subject to Changes; For Your Personal Reading, Please Contact Karen on; 0400 531 475

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Relationship Reading

Couples Relationship Readings

Sometimes, when we experience a difficult situation, such as sudden changes in the lifestyle, or an unexpected event has presented itself...or a disruption to the flow of the life has occurred....to create stress or strain upon one and another, it can create discord within the personal relationship, and test even the very best of loving relationships. For example; struggles in finances - health concerns - career - loss of a job - or something deeply personal, in which the inner strength and resolve is called upon to work through this transitional period.

All of which can place a strain on one's relationship...

With both of your charts in front of me, I can then shine a light on matters, but from a higher perspective, supporting issues of conflict and resolution....and perhaps also, to aid one another in a sense of renewal in viewing each other, in a whole new light...through the looking lens one another's beautiful soul and truest self.

This knowledge, often empowers and deepens the soul - heart - mind connection, contributing to unity, peace of mind and clarity...assisting the relationship to move through that which may be challenging, and for the hope of achieving harmonious relations once again. I have been blessed with the opportunity of assisting many couples turn their relationship completely around, with this knowledge.

As you look within those layers, ask yourself the question does the LOVE seek only to shine through? If you answered YES, then perhaps this special reading may help to shine a light on what would could, be a priority of importance, and help to strengthen the love that was always there...and for a smoother pathway ahead.

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Do You Wonder Why You Chose to Be Here..?

Soul-Life Purpose Reading

Or Perhaps Your Soul is Desiring Peace, Truth & Clarity of Your Truest Sense of Direction for Breathing Into the Life...Into Your Reality, the Greater Personal Happiness You Truly Desire Within, But Not Sure, For So Many Choices May Await You....

Are You Desiring Positive Constructive Changes for You & Your Life?

Clear a Pathway Within to LOVE, peace and your true reason, for why you chose to be here, with this reading from Karen.

Perhaps it is TIME to remember once again, who you really are.

Explore your soul's beautiful truest potentials and pathway ahead, and for seeing within the layers of the life, so much more for the greater insights and higher understanding. This reading is very deeply personalised, as I delve within those layers offering a spiritual wisdom, with wonderful divine support.

If you could imagine standing above, looking down to see all that has transpired from within the structure of all that surrounds you, enabling you to see both the positive and the challenging.....but always a defining pathway that best supports your soul's truest sense of direction and of the life your soul had intended.....and for viewing your beautiful soul's energy source with clarity of your potentials and gifts.....then this reading shall not disappoint.

The Soul Life Reading is 2 Hours, and has received wonderful positive feedback with successful results, on behalf of the clients referred to Karen, by professional affiliation with qualified Holistic Counsellors and Life Coach's, during the past 6 years.

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