Enjoy Your Divinely Assisted Personal Reading, of Enlightenment with Karen Riley & Explore ALL That You Are Currently Associated With for the Peace of Mind and Clarity

 Public Event * May 26 * Redcliffe Qld
Lucky Door Prizes * Refreshments * $20 p.p.
Winner Receives FREE Reading with Karen
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Personal Readings, See Below

Live Life To The Fullest

beautiful child
Become Your Soul's Beautiful Truest, Potential Self
Live the Life Your Soul Was Born to Achieve
Lead Yourself to the Greatly Desired Personal Happiness, Success and Attainment of Your Personal Goals, in light and love, Karen

" With love, one grows, with joy one transforms...into the creating of one's beautiful soul's truest, potential self. Positivity & understanding of who you truly are, does the pathway then become clearer "

Karen Riley Spiritually Gifted Reader & Teacher

Enjoy Your Personal Reading

30 mins * $60

1 hour * $90

90 mins * $150

Attain clarity, peace of mind and explore your soul's truest sense of direction with Karen, for enjoying your personal reading. We can pin-point time frame with astonishing precision and accuracy, in looking between the layers of the personal life; present day - future direction ahead as to those choices that benefit your soul's truest sense of direction, happiness and for achieving the soul's desired positive outcomes.

Soul-Life Reading (normally valued at $180)
Special May Offer * $150 

You can expect to receive, astonishing depth, spiritual and practical down to earth wisdom, profound insights of accuracy that enlightens and inspires.

"Karen's spirituality gifts, coupled with her wealth of experience and in depth knowledge of the gift that is, our soul's life guidance empowers us, as she looks deeply within and between the layers for the offering of the wonderful communications, clarity and depth of insights".

Please view the testimonials page, to further help support you in how Karen empowers her clients....

Immediate Environment
Circumstances & Events
Soul's Beautiful Truest Self & Potentials
Talents, Strengths & Growth
Relationship Insights
Small Independent Business
Greater Soul-Life Clarity
Emotional/Spiritual Enlightenment
Clear Past Issues Limiting One
Support Moving Forward
Benefit Peace of Mind
Clarity & Life Direction

In Person; Redcliffe or Sandgate
Skype or Phone
Paypal / Direct Deposit

Karen Riley, Spiritually Gifted Numerologist
Phone or Text Message: 0400 531 475

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Relationship Reading

Family * Couples * Partners

Sometimes when we are too close emotionally, it can be difficult to see the way clearly or for support in resolving conflict, or when we are confronting life changing events that cause additional strain upon our important, personal relationships. Karen invites you to an enlightening, supportive personal reading session, for understanding a broader view of all that one is associated with or experiencing, especially when seeking the clarity, or solutions benefiting the choices, and sense of direction on behalf of achieving peace of mind.

With both charts sitting in front of Karen, is she then able to provide astonishing insights of loving support that filter through on our behalf.

We can gain deeper understanding of the immediate vibrations of our present day life and of a defining higher message supporting us and our soul's desired positive outcomes; given all that surrounds us and of our potentials in turning things around.

This knowledge once received and within our conscious awareness, it is then that we have it within us, to empower and support that which may very well be a priority of importance. As the veil is lifted and we see so much more for the greater clarity and depth of insight, best supporting our immediate time frame and the sense of direction ahead.

Enable the gift of your soul's knowledge to empower, enlighten and point the way. Hopefully one can then unite together, to support one and another, in attaining that which could possibly be....and for the resolution or peace of mind.

I have been blessed with the opportunity of assisting many couples, business partners, family members, with this wonderful knowledge.

As you look within those layers, ask yourself the question does the LOVE, PEACE OF MIND AND HAPPINESS...seek only to shine through?  If you answered YES, then please feel welcome to contact me for your very special reading session; skype - phone - in person.

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Do You Wonder Why You Chose to Be Here..?

Soul-Life Purpose Reading

This session is very specialised, in-depth and highly individualised.

Many of us are experiencing many changes, even desiring to make changes of our direction as we feel this taking place from deeply within us. Some of us are searching for those deeper soul-life answers or understanding, in the search for higher truths. Or desiring peace, and improvements in our living and consciousness of being.

There is a reason for why this is occuring from within so many....and it is with the Divine Universal Loving Support which surrounds us all, for what once was is changing.....

The polarity of our while being is undergoing changes; with many experiencing changes in feeling, and in seeing - as our soul's spiritual higher self grows stronger, whilst the density of our lower wordly self, becomes lighter, aiding us in our own lives and our link to the Divinity.

I invite you share with me, the gift of your souls' DIVINE BLUEPRINT, for a wonderful, in-depth Soul-Life Reading. Clear a pathway within to love, peace, and your true reason, for why you chose to be here. Receive supportive knowledge aiding you with clarity and of so much more to one's life and what is already taking place surrounding one... and from between the layers of the life.

Gain wonderful knowledge from your soul's Divine Blueprint and sacred wisdom, offering you profound knowledge and personalised insights that help to empower and support you and your life today.

See within the layers and co-create with DIVINE UNIVERSAL ASSISTANCE your brighter future and pathway ahead.

This reading has been well received by clients Australia wide, with wonderful success & positive feedback, from both the clients & professional Holistic Counsellors & Life Coach affiliates, through the referral support of Tamika Hilder, during the past 6 years. Tamika is the Founder & CEO of; Path of the Goddess, offering profound tools, as supportive services empowering women from all walks of life.

You are welcome to record, your reading session to help retain the wealth of information, knowledge and insights that filter through, during our time together. Bookings essential; skype - phone - in-person.

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