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 Create with Universal Guidance the Life Your Soul Had Intended

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  • 1 Hour  In Depth Reading * Great Value * $99  (Special Offer * $80)

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Specialised Soul’s Life Reading * 90 Minute Session *
Highly Individualised & Deeply Personal (record this on skype or mobile phone)

*Coming Soon * October *Public Event * Soul-Life Guidance & Live Reading Event * Redcliffe

Your Beautiful Soul & Unique Individuality * Clarity of Immediate Time Frame * Important Growth * Potentials * Career Guidance * Past Events or Influences of Environment * Birth – Family Time Frame * Present Day Direction * Year Ahead * Ask Your Deeper, Personalised Soul – Life Questions

Karen is Divinely Assisted & Channels Forth Astonishing Personal Insights of Enlightenment
Supporting Wellbeing, Clarity & Peace of Mind
Offers Insights into All that We Are Currently Associated With, Benefiting Us of Our Choices & Pathway Ahead
Sees, Feels & Picks Up on the Vibrations of One’s Life; Past – Present & Any Challenging Related Growth Aspects
Ability to Recognise Our Inherent Born Potentials Including Possible Outcomes

Explore with Karen Your Choices & Options for Creating a Brighter Future Ahead
Learn of a Pathway Aligning with Your Soul’s Inner Truth & Guidance
Benefit Your Sense of Well-Being, Self-Love or Self-Empowerment and Current Circumstances
See So Much More Between the Layers Aiding Clarity & Gain Greater Knowledge of Your Life

Support Your Personal Emotional and Spiritual Growth, Advancements, Opportunities and Progression
Support the Following of Your Soul’s Truest Sense of Direction, Happiness and Attainment of Your Personal Goals
Support Your Career or Relationship

Understanding Your Beautiful Soul’s Truest Potentials and Positive Strengths & Attributes….Your Innate Born Gifts
Gain Clarity for Why You Chose to Be Here
Open Up a Pathway Within, to Love, Peace & Your True Purpose…

This Reading has Supported Professional Counsellor’s Clients With Great Success, Wonderful Feedback

Karen Works with Us in Areas Related to All Aspects of the Life Helping Us to See Matters from a Higher Consciousness, Benefiting Our Sense of Direction and Empowerment…..Assisting that Which Resonates Deeply Within Us and Seeking Confirmation, Of.

This is an Exceptional Reading and of Great Value * $150

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Hi Karen, I just want to express my sincere gratitude for taking the time do my reading in mid-August, it has truly added more purpose to my actions. I was amazed at how accurate your reading was, it definitely assisted in clarifying what I thought to be true about myself and how to redirect my focus into areas I never thought possible. I don’t really know how to explain it other than it makes sense to have sought your guidance at a time where I thought I may have been at a dead end. Since my reading, a whole world of possibilities have opened up for me and I feel that I no longer need to question whether I have reached the end of the road.

Throughout the whole reading, I could feel my soul saying ‘Yes!’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Yes!’ as you read out the traits for my soul self, (your description of my soul self really resonated with me) and left me with no doubt as to the path I have undertaken. Again, thank you for your time and insight, it has been an incredible introduction to what the future holds for me.

You have an amazing gift. Regards, Anna












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