Soul-Life Reading Public Event

Public Event Coming Soon….

This is the Numerology of Your Soul’s Life Guidance

Karen invites you to share together in an open-interactive public forum event
Highly informative & enlightening with personal reading insights of enlightenment.
Karen Presents an Enlightening Reading Presentation-Public Event

Spiritual Self Part of the Universal Consciousness
Allow the Knowledge of Your Soul’s Birth – Life Chart Empower You & Your Life

***See Between the Layers of Past – Present & Support Creating with Universal Guide, Your the Brighter Future Direction Ahead…

Learn about the co-creating pathway with divine universal assistance, the pathway our soul had intended…..breathe into the life the pathway, that resonates more in harmony with, your soul’s higher truth, love and happiness.

This information points the pathway forward intended only to help guide the free will and personal choices, as to what is of a priority of importance with respect to your well-being, best interests, and positive outcome… your EVERYDAY LIFE.

See so much more within the layers, of the current time frame…


“Karen transcends Numerology, communicating a depth of wisdom with wonderful insights of enlightenment and inspiration, as she pin-points our time frame and events with astonishing accuracy”.

Karen supports us in all areas of our life; * career * relationships * talents * potentials * life guidance and past understanding * family – birth environmental influences * emotional and spiritual growth & personalised insights *

Clear a pathway within…. to love, peace of mind & your soul’s truest sense of direction. View who you truly are, and see yourself in your truest light.

Karen looks forward to sharing this event & for asking your questions in the time frame permitted.

Specialised Soul – Life Reading * 90 Minutes * Highly Personalised * $150


Please refer to “readings page” at the menu for details of all readings available

Contact Karen on; 0400 531 475

With kindest regards, Karen

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