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Business Reading; Mr B Nooney : Economic Development * Karen Riley showed an amazing insight to how to be successful and how to achieve it in my project management work. I learned so much from Karen in the space of 10 minutes that I did in 4 years of uni!

She clearly broke down what I needed to do and how to do it, something they don’t show you in Uni. Thanks to Karen, I took a long look at my communications skills, applied the advice she gave to me and put it into my work. I would recommend Karen to anyone with a lot on their plate.

Paul Courtie – Owner of Fitness Matters Qld

I have been on a bit of a journey in the past few years to find my purpose in life and more about me deep down, while I am open to most things I have never been into Numerology and the like. My wife organised my appointment with Karen and I went with an open mind, I must say it was absolutely amazing. I got so much from the information and some light bulb moments on things that have happened and been said in the past and how they are connected to how I am now. I could not believe the more Karen went through my numbers (my chart), the more I started to get who I really was (of my truest self), and that a lot of things I related to, are because that’s what I am supposed to be doing, not getting distracted away from these things.

I don’t mind sharing, I had quite an emotional afternoon after I left Karen, but it was positive excitement for my future, thinking I can be at one and at peace with me and also be doing what I’m meant to be doing, make a living and be successful doing it. Being in my flow…. How exciting!

Since seeing Karen I have embraced one thing so far and OMG! I am amazed how easy and in my flow it is, I haven’t been this excited since I was a kid! I can only describe Karen as amazing and my time with her as enlightening. Karen’s knowledge is exceptional and I would recommend anyone to go and see her, it will be the best investment in your future.

Life Direction * Personal Reading; Kristy * Perth Western Australia

My session with Karen was fantastic, she made me feel very at ease and was very approachable and friendly. Karen made it very easy to understand what we were talking about, she gave me some great insight into my life and was very accurate with where I am at the moment. I enjoyed my session immensely and would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially those seeking clarity for where their life is headed. Thank you so much Karen!


Life Direction * Personal Reading

I had my reading done with Karen over 1 year ago. I was amazed at the insight and knowledge she possessed. With her highly developed intuition and her expert knowledge in numerology Karen lovingly and compassionately helped me made sense of my painful past and gently guided me to my path and purpose in life!! I highly recommend anyone who is at a cross road in their lives or just want a deeper insight into themselves to sit down and have a reading done with this beautiful soul!!!

She is a true master in her field!!! Thank you again Karen.

Life Direction * Personal Reading * Carol * 
I absolutely love Karen, she is simply amazing at what she does and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I had my reading done some time ago and dubious I may have been at the time, I can honestly look back now (and I often do go back and read the notes!) and be flawed by how completely correct she was in everything she told me. She provided great clarity in a simple and easy way to understand. I truly felt like she was connecting to a power far greater than I could possibly see. I would recommend anyone seeking clarity for a reading with Karen.

Life Direction * Personal Reading * Natasha * Karen is an amazing numerologist with an incredible amount of knowledge. She is also highly intuitive which gives her readings an added quality. Not only gifted in her field,Karen is such a lovng & open hearted lady you can’t help warming to her instantly. She makes you feel comfortable & is so easy to talk to & open up to. I thoroughly enjoyed her numerology reading & the insight & guidance it gave me & highly recommend her to anyone. An amazing way to get a deeper understanding of yourself & the path you are on,or should be on,from an incredibly gifted & beautiful soul.

Professional Testimonial * Tamika Hilder * 
Being in the wellness industry myself for the past 15 years, I have met hundreds of practitioners and had many sessions as well as spent over $70 000 in courses! Therefore, when I meet a good practitioner I know one!

Karen is THE most gifted and intuitive Numerologist I know. She is truly a leader in her field and a genius at the way she has evolved the modality of Numerology. I have no doubt she will fast become Australia’s leading Numerologist and will be sought out for her advanced knowledge of this subject which she has studied for more than 17 years.

In just one session with me she answered the life long answers of who am I, what is my purpose and how i can create more harmony and success in my present life.

I recommend her as someone that everybody should see at least once a year to gain understanding on how to navigate through their year to achieve the most success. Love your work Karen, you truly are AMAZING!

Relationship Reading; Karen also did a very quick relationship compatibility reading and explained to me the areas of compatibility, and the areas that we might struggle in due to our differences of our individuality. From looking at both of our charts, Karen was able to explain to me why we were experiencing the challenges that we were both experience. Her guidance of our relationship was profound and yet she have never met my partner at that time. It was simply from looking at his chart and my chart, and from analysis of both, that Karen was able to tell me how compatible we were. She was spot on!

Professional Testimonial * Holistic Life Coach * Dee Littlewood * I worked alongside Karen Riley for a number of years as Karen provided “one-on-one” personal client consultations, on behalf of my Life Coaching clients and was also an integral part of my larger 12 monthly program – often speaking at my seminars in person or over Skype.

I have utilised Karen’s knowledge and wonderful abilities in a number of ways as she brings additional value of her services benefiting my clients. Karen would be an asset for any Life Coach, Retreat, Well-Being Centre or Program, or as support on behalf of other Holistic Practitioners, who desire to bring in a professional, massively-heart centred and extremely intuitively guided practitioner, to assist their clients.

Karen offers an accurate and deeper understanding of who we truly are, individually, with insights into our potentials or aspirations that we are capable of achieving. Her gifts are profound and her knowledge works in perfectly with what I do, as an intuitive Life Coach and Healer, supporting clients.

A truly gifted and highly knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner! Karen is someone who knows pretty much everything about Numerology and communicates it in such a way that sheds so much light on your life path and I honestly cannot say there isn’t anyone that comes even close to her and her gift.

I feel so honoured to have met her, been educated by her and now connected to her.  If you truly want to understand your life’s path, and pinpoint the exact significant moments in your life, have numerous epiphanies and ‘ah ha’ moments, and get really clear, then there really is no other practitioner I would recommend.

Thank you Karen for honouring your gift and sharing it with the world. Love Dee

Life Reading; 
Mr Graham  Melbourne  2011 * Karen speaks with truth and authority and her reading was quite a revelation to me. It put into perspective many things that were on my mind and gave me deep insights as to who I really am, where I have been and where I am headed. The reading gave me the gift of many opportunities to become a better person and for this I am forever grateful.

Workshops & Public Events Testimonial by Barbara * 

Firstly, Sharon Jackson (owner), hosts some pretty interesting and amazing therapists and workshops at her welcoming space that is Relax & Replenish Wellness Centre at Redcliffe, Brisbane Queensland.

Personally speaking, I’ve always had this thing for numbers – remembering telephone numbers, rego numbers from years ago and am entertained by number patterns.  So when I saw Sharon was hosting a session on Numerology presented by Karen Riley, it caught my interest and felt right.

At this “introduction” session, which was where I first met Karen… I was intrigued to know more, but the passion and knowledge that Karen displayed truly inspired me!

Karen’s love to share her insights and wisdom is just so obvious – she’s in her element, flying high with bliss, the excitement, openness, she’s absolutely non-judgemental, totally caring and nurturing, patient, selfless and a lot of fun!

Her knowledge and passion is captivating, as she just wraps you up in love, encouraging you to blossom and teaches you about the tool of numerology as to how we can use this knowledge, for serious soul searching & contemplation… and for understanding the flow to our life.

This opens you up to more compassion for yourself and others and self-belief that in a way acts like a permission slip to be who you truly are, of your unique and beautiful self.

Have a good one, Barb




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