Soul’s Life Guidance * Numerology Workshop

Beginners Numerology Workshop with Karen

* Comprises 3 x 1 Days Covering Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3*

Comprehensive, informational & personally enlightening * Give to yourself, the gift of your very own soul’s life guidance & empower your life.

This is a Beginners Workshop; held over 3 x days (see course dates below).

Imagine, giving to yourself; the “Gift of Your Soul’s Life Guidance” within the Everyday Life, and Offers You Wonderful Knowledge & Signposts Pointing the Pathway Forward & for Understanding the Past Events, Circumstances….Including the Present Day Life and for for Reading TIME FRAME ahead in advance. Sadly, we do not always see the outcomes for our own events***sadly, we do not always see between the layers of our surroundings***

This is your soul’s life blueprint…a map of a navigational aid of support, illuminating your directional signposts ahead, as to that which is of a priority benefiting you and the positive desired direction….outcome and for your flow of ease.

Imagine, learning to read your time frame & assisting others you love
Imagine, fore-seeing ahead in advance and before those important life choices
Imagine, guiding yourself within the constantly changing environmental influences
Imagine, having this knowledge to empower you and your life direction today

Give to yourself, the gift of your soul’s blueprint as was intended, for Numerology was created for us, aiding us in picking up on the vibrations of our life and for remembering once again….who we truly are.

Co-create with divine universal assistance the life your soul was born to achieve.
Follow the pathway the soul had intended. Be guided to the greatly desired personal happiness, as is one’s divine birth right.

Numerology has been handed on down throughout the dawning of creation….brought to us from one such wise teacher and philosopher the Father of Mathematics, is his time and worldly known as “Pythagoras”….his work passed down to those of whom studied under his umbrella with his divine guidance, assisting those of us of whom are like-minded gently assisting our own pathways in this specialised tool of divination and mathematical science.

From Karen; I do not see a number as a number as such…..rather I view it as energy having its very own characteristics as such…of a weight and vibration in relation to us and our own energies…of our individuality, abilities, attributes and potentials we carry innately within us…..and also…as to what our TIME FRAME reveals and offers us all, by way of supporting, protecting and guiding us as we go about our day to day lives, journeying within an environment that encompasses all others, from within our surroundings and influences.

I view the SACRED GEOMETRY that is within you and I as well as the structure surrounding us. With this knowledge in front of you, shall you also see the world around you differently.

Not only shall you view your individuality, differently but also through the looking lens of your beautiful soul’s energy the veil of doubt and confusion is lifted.

There are those worldly influences….of our environment and there is you and I as we each travel about our daily life. But, what if we are not viewing things or matters from our higher self? What if we are clouding our judgement? What if, in our innocence and lacking of all the facts of our surroundings, we could be steering ourselves away from our soul’s truest sense of direction?

Knowledge of our birth environment can be received through our very own charts; knowledge of our childhood growth and our immediate time frame is available for anyone of us, should we be soul searching or seeking the higher guidance and wisdom that this information reveals by way of enlightenment and empowering us.

Receive your gift of your very own knowledge for empowering you and your life.

Receive YOUR DIVINELY GUIDED insights to assist support you navigate the life experiences, association and enviornment surrounding you. Be guided to acheiving the flow of ease from within the constant changing influences of events, circumstances and situations. See so much more from between the layers and of your own life.

Learn how to guide yourself to your soul’s truest sense of direction and for the greatly desired personal happiness, as is one’s divine birth right.

Receive Professionally Presented & Typed Numerology Guidance Instructions

*Gain Greater Knowledge & Clarity of One’s Life
*Understand Why You Are So Uniquely Individualised
*Learn to See Between the Layers, of an Important Emotional & Spiritual Growth

*See Yourself in Your TRUEST LIGHT
*See the BEAUTY of Your Beautiful Soul
*See between the Layers of ALL You are Associated With
*Enable Yourself to Enlighten, Empower Others & Loved Ones

*Become a Gifted Numerologist Reader, Counsellor or Teacher 

This Knowledge Benefits You * Your Loved Ones & Professionally as a Career Path
Numerology is Your Life’s Knowledge & Navigational Aid of Support

  • Correlate this knowledge with past events & defining moments in the life
  • Understand your immediate time frame and pathway ahead
  • Fore-see ahead, both the positive and challenging phases
  • Discover how you can achieve the flow of ease & point self to a positive outcome
  • Align within your soul’s truest sense of direction and achieve the greater happiness
  • Use this knowledge to help guide you today – ahead – and & benefit your choices
  • Enhance your reading knowledge and spiritual development

Level 1 * October 8th
Level 2 * November 5th
Level 3 * December 2nd * Includes FREE Lunch
Relax & Replenish Wellness Centre located at Redcliffe

In-Depth * Exceptional Value * All For Only $210 Per Person

Please Note; Should You Need to Cancel Attending Any of the Levels; Funds Paid are “Non-Refundable” – but Transferrable or a Credit towards a Reading Offered from Karen.

Become Your Soul’s Beautiful Truest Potential Self

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See Between the Layers of Who You Truly Are


For Anyone Attending this Workshop as a Special Gift Offer;
Receive the Highly Profound “Soul’s Life Guidance Reading” for the Gift Offer of $60


Should You Refer Someone or a Friend Attends this Workshop with You; then Karen is Pleased to Offer You, the “Soul-Life Reading” totally FREE!
90 Minute In Depth Reading Session : Normal Value $150

Readings * Workshops * Redcliffe & Sandgate * Please Contact Karen:0400531475

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