Online Courses & In Person Workshops


Courses Designed for the Beginner * Intermediate * Advanced

Beginners Level * 9 Modules * Start Date: March 2018
Intermediate Level * 6 Modules * Start Date: June  2018
Advanced In-Person Only * 2 Day Weekend * August 2018
On-Line Course for Beginners * Start Date * March 2018

Give to Yourself the Gift of Your Soul’s Life Knowledge
Wisdom Key

Your Numerology Holds the Key to Understanding Past * Present & Future
Numerology helps you to pick up on the vibrations of your life
Enables you to see so much from all that you are associated with
Learn how this knowledge supports understanding past & your choices today
Aiding the greater life clarity & direction of the immediate environment
Understand your personal, emotional & spiritual pathway of enlightenment
Recieve your soul’s divine blueprint with signposts pointing the way

Numerology Empowers * Enlightens * Inspires * Guides the Everyday Life
soul man
Your Knowledge Supports Remembering, Who You Truly Are

Discover your soul’s beautiful qualities & inherent born abilities & talents
View your very special & unique individuality through the eyes of your soul
Hold up the gift of your soul’s blueprint helping you to see your truest reflection
In the understanding of who you really are, does the pathway then become clearer
This knowledge benefits self-awareness * environmental situations & relationships
Benefit you, this lifetime journey & your soul’s higher purpose, happiness & wellbeing

Become who you were born to become for the life your soul intended”

Learn how to correlate the knowledge and wisdom of your soul’s Birth Chart to help support, guide and empower you and your life. See so much more from within the layers of your life & immediate time frame…as to the current environment and all that you are associated, with.

These courses are structured with each module guiding you through each stage of the learning progression. You can look to Numerology for those deeper soul – life answers you seek including empowering yourself, and close family members.

The Advanced course is designed to support becoming a professional reader.

We begin by focusing on learning to come to know one’s self at a deeper level and for the wonderful knowledge as it shines a light on your soul’s beautiful gifts you carry within.

Very informative, deep, practical and enlightening. Support you in learning how to calculate your very own personalised Birth Chart & receive is divine wisdom and loving higher messages that seek only to empower you and your everyday life.

Your Soul’s Beautiful Sacred Self & Innate Gifts Within¬†
goddess of light

Should you desire to become a professional numerologist reader or teacher, then you would benefit by the advanced courses and only after completing the beginners & intermediate modules offered.

The advanced is only availabe in-person as this is very in-depth and supports analysis for the interpretation benefiting personal readings on behalf of others.

You Receive the Following;
Typed Base Number Meanings & Descriptions
Master Number Understanding
Instructional Guidance with Course Notes to Support the Learning
Videos Covering Each Topic & Individual Module
Examples to Help Support the Mathematical Calculations
The Beginners is In-Depth, Yet Easy to Read & Follow

Various Packages Offered;
Beginners Numerology Course Option On-Line or In-Person Workshop

Select from the Course + a private reading at a discounted gift offer
Or, perhaps the additional option of the Course + 1 Year Facebook Membership
(on-going support with questions you may have following the course)

The fees are subject to the preferred choices, starting from $90.

Registeration is required to support your attendance for these course or workshops. Please direct your enquiries to Karen by email and provide your return contact details and preferred course offered.

Numerology, is so much more than about the meaning of a number, for this information supports you and your life.

In light and love